The LIFT Fund seeks to bolster and advance the movement for workers’ rights, good jobs, and a fair economy in the 21st century. A project of the Solidago Foundation, which has a long history of supporting social justice organizations and labor-community partnerships, the LIFT Fund is a first-of-its-kind partnership between labor unions, foundations, non-union worker centers, and academia. The LIFT Fund seeks to deepen alignment between unions, philanthropy, academia, and worker centers, to create the strategic collaborations needed for the emergence of innovative solutions to build a 21st century labor movement.

At this important moment for building a strong labor movement, there is an opportunity to increase cooperation between philanthropy and unions and pool scarce resources to build a common agenda by investing those resources into new forms of organizing, innovative approaches that broaden alliances, and energizing community-labor alliances to meet the challenges of our times.

Since 2012, the LIFT Fund has awarded more than $1.5 million in grants to 38 worker center-union collaborative projects. The LIFT Fund seeks to support innovative projects that are leading the fight for worker justice and that push on the edges of how worker centers and unions collaborate to support worker organizing.

The LIFT Fund uses a four pronged approach to achieving innovation and collaboration in the labor movement:

  • Grantmaking
    • The Fund offers one-time strategic investments in projects that demonstrate a commitment to collaborations that bolster innovations in labor organizing.
  • Convening
    • We bring together grantees, their union partners, funders, and other allies to engage in deeper relationship building, collective learning and strategy development.
  • Documentation
    • The Fund believes that documenting key learnings and sharing them within each of the sectors builds and further amplifies innovation within the labor movement.
  • Communications
    • We use the learnings from the grantees, convenings, and documentation process to advocate on behalf of this work.

Relying on rigorous documentation, grantee gatherings, and impact analysis of grantmaking, LIFT Fund also advocates in philanthropy and labor for supporting worker centers that collaborate with unions as a core strategy for achieving worker and economic justice.