Our Approach: Building Worker Power Across Industries

This country relies upon workers across industries to power America’s economy and provide essential services. Yet, these same workers don’t make a living wage or receive adequate benefits and are subject to dangerous and unsafe working conditions. Systemic oppression has compounded these challenges for women, people of color and other groups facing economic barriers. That’s why The LIFT Fund’s blend of philanthropic dollars and commitment with the expertise and mission of labor puts funding where it will most effectively amplify the voices of workers and thus strengthen our economy, their families and communities across the country.


The LIFT Fund invests in organizations that inspire and advocate for workers’ rights while elevating groundbreaking alliances that prioritize racial, gender and economic justice. We strive to develop a robust and diverse bench of leaders prepared to collaborate across industries and fields. We support funding models and organizational structures grounded in collaboration and experimentation.

We believe in elevating workplace best practices and union collaboration to become a linchpin of an equitable economy. To date, The LIFT Fund has awarded over $12 million in grants to organizations in 27 states across the country.

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For more than a decade, the LIFT Fund has served as a hub of insight and learning about innovation in worker organizing across the fields of philanthropy, labor unions, and worker centers. By investing resources in research, report development, briefings and more, the LIFT Fund ensures funders and grantees learn and experiment with new strategies to build successful models for the future of work and inspire the greater labor movement.

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Bringing people together is part of the LIFT Fund’s DNA. We know that change requires collective action. Whether through hosting events, such as Learning Days, for our community or identifying opportunities for shared strategy and co-funding, LIFT offers on-the-ground experiences for funders, grantees and other local leaders to engage in deep reflection about their current work. Through shared learning, we can build a common agenda and identify innovative approaches that broaden coalitions and energize organizations to meet the challenges facing workers and their families.

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Our Funders & Partners

The LIFT Fund is made up of donors committed to social change. Their diverse perspectives allow us to effect intersectional change with an emphasis on racial, gender, and economic justice, centering the leadership and experiences of traditionally marginalized populations.

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