Providing an Urgent Response to Injustices Facing Workers

The LIFT Fund’s blend of philanthropic dollars and commitment with the expertise and mission of labor puts funding where it will most effectively amplify the voices of workers and thus strengthen our economy, their families and communities across the country.


The LIFT Fund invests in organizations that inspire and advocate for workers’ rights while elevating groundbreaking alliances that prioritize racial, gender and economic justice. We strive to develop a robust and diverse bench of leaders prepared to collaborate across industries and fields. We support funding models and organizational structures grounded in collaboration and experimentation. Click on the links below to see our list of grantees.

Southern Workers Opportunity Fund


Racial, Gender & Economic Justice

A Hub for Learning

The LIFT Fund regularly organizes in-person Learning Days to deepen alignment between unions, philanthropy, worker centers and other community organizations. In 2023, we held our Learning Days in Jackson, MS where participants were able to hear about important historic context that has shaped and contributed to the challenges faced by workers in the South. This included the history of civil rights, the continued movement for racial and labor justice in the state, and the ongoing struggle for worker rights that remains urgent across our nation. To read more about LIFT’s Learning Days, click here

In addition to Learning Days, LIFT also hosts ongoing virtual grantee conversation series and funder briefings to discuss new trends, identify key lessons and recommend new strategies to best support workers’ rights across the nation. Previous topics included:

  • Democratizing Philanthropy– a briefing on how BIPOC-led organizations can build reliable small donor revenue and an activist base
  • Unlocking Industrial Policy: Federal, State and Local Impacts– a discussion about new federal industrial policy funding, how it is allocated at the state level and ways that organizations can successfully advocate for and leverage these industrial policy funds at the local level to advance workers’ rights
  • Our 5 Year Window for Action: The Transformative Opportunity in Clean Energy, Battery, and Electric Vehicle Manufacturing– a funder briefing on the emerging strategies and campaigns focused on the electric vehicle and battery manufacturing sectors in the Southeast and Midwest

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Case Studies & Impact Reports

The LIFT Fund partners with grantees to produce insightful case studies showcasing key practices and moments of learning for the broader labor movement

Resources & Research for the Field

The LIFT Fund regularly supports research that documents the leading edges for worker organizing.