Research Description

In addition to providing individual project-based grants and convening the grantees on an annual basis, the LIFT Fund engages well-known labor researchers in projects of interest to our grantees and that have the potential to inform the broader labor movement about innovative strategies for building worker power or interesting new forms of collaboration between worker centers and unions. Below are the most recent research projects published by the LIFT Fund.

Convenings Description

Each year, the LIFT Fund hosts a convening of our grantees in order to sharing learnings, building relationships, and engage in collective strategy development. In addition to providing grants to innovative projects, the LIFT Fund focuses on building a knowledge base to ensure that the local innovations receive national attention and that there is an opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and challenges. Below are examples of the types of convenings we have hosted so far.

News Description

News from the LIFT Fund and our grantees.