Mission & Purpose

The Labor Innovations for the 21st Century (LIFT) Fund is a first-of-its-kind collaborative that supports new forms of worker organizing to achieve economic equity, thriving families and stronger communities. We believe that united workers who are treated fairly and justly lead to a better economy and a better nation, and we bring together philanthropy and organized labor to fund grants that advance this vision.

The LIFT Fund recognizes that the success of workers is the first domino that can lead to the systemic societal impact that many of us are committed to. Food security, housing stability and child well-being are all directly tied to worker wages and working conditions. When workers can organize for fair and just conditions, pay and benefits, their circumstances elevate their families and communities.

Investing Resources to Strengthen the Ground

The LIFT Fund catalyzes partnerships among labor and philanthropy to strengthen worker power, build thriving families and develop strong communities. We invest in organizations that inspire and advocate for workers’ rights and we elevate groundbreaking alliances that prioritize racial, gender and economic justice. To make this work possible, the LIFT Fund is supported by a broad coalition of leading foundations, labor federations and donors who are integral to the workers’ rights movement.


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