In addition to providing individual project-based grants and convening the grantees on an annual basis, the LIFT Fund engages well-known labor researchers in projects of interest to our grantees and that have the potential to inform the broader labor movement about innovative strategies for building worker power or interesting new forms of collaboration between worker centers and unions. Below are the most recent research projects published by the LIFT Fund.

Tackling Exploitation Through the Co-production of Labor Standards Enforcement

Workers, on average are making less money in real wages than they were twenty years ago. This decline in wages is coupled with an overall decline in union density in the public and private sector which means that there is less workplace oversight into workplace violations that lead to wage theft and on-the-job injury among other things. In recent years, local municipalities and states have increased the minimum wage and co-production has emerged as a strong solution for dealing with non-compliance of basic labor standards and health and safety laws.
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Building A Movement Together: Worker Centers and Labor Union Affiliations

Since 2006, Worker Centers and the AFL-CIO have deepend their relationship to build power regionally and to expand organizing. They are innovating, building new models for collaboration and building worker power. Seizing upon strategic opportunities has led to fifteen worker centers and ten central labor councils affiliating on the local level. These collaborations have led to important local policy campaigns against wage theft, and strong solidarity support for worker organizing efforts to win a union or address exploitation in the workplace.
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