The LIFT Fund identifies promising partnerships, documents successful models, and sponsors cross sector field level convenings to share emerging learnings. LIFT Fund participants advocate in philanthropy and among labor groups for new worker organizing as a core strategy for achieving worker and economic justice.

OUR VISION: By deepening the alignment between unions, philanthropy and worker centers, we can create innovative solutions to the challenges of building a 21st century labor and progressive movement.

LIFT Fund engages in:


The Fund offers one time strategic investments in projects that demonstrate a commitment to collaboration in order to bolster new innovations in labor organizing.


We bring together worker center grantees, labor partners, funders and other allies to engage in deeper relationship building, collective learning, and strategy development.


The Fund believes that documenting key learnings and sharing them within each of the sectors builds and further amplifies innovation within the labor movement.


We use the learnings from the grants, convenings, and documentation process to share insights of the Fund with a broader field and advocate on behalf of this work. We do this through our website, blogs, publications, and participation in related strategic spaces in our collective field and respective sectors.

For more information about the LIFT Fund’s approach, please see our brochure here.