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Contact: Valeria Treves, LIFT Fund Director, 91-324-3305

Hire marks important milestone for growing Fund

The Labor Innovations for the 21st Century (LIFT) Fund, which supports innovative worker justice projects has hired its first director, Valeria Treves. A seasoned immigrant and workers’ rights advocate and leader, Treves previously served as the director of New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE), a community based organization and worker center.

The LIFT Fund supports collaborative projects between  worker centers and unions to support worker organizing.  The LIFT Fund partners include the AFL-CIO, the Ford Foundation, the Solidago Foundation, the General Service Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation.

“The LIFT Fund is a critical collaboration bringing together- philanthropy, labor unions, worker centers and applied academics, each invested in  building a vibrant worker justice movement,   an essential to an inclusive economy in the United States.  LIFT has been a necessary space for collaboration, strategic resourcing and shared learning across the field, and the addition of Valeria will make each partner more impactful in everything they do.” says Laine Romero-Alston, Program Officer, Inclusive Economies, Ford Foundation, LIFT Fund Co-chair

“Valeria brings her experience in the worker center field, with labor partnerships, and grant making, as well as her deep commitment to worker organizing. We are very excited she has joined the LIFT Fund to ensure that the critical lessons we are learning about promising strategies to build worker power and voice in our economy are shared widely across the field, and that we work collaboratively to support and scale such practice across our movements. ” says, Neidi Dominguez, AFL-CIO, Director of Worker Centers, Deputy Director of Community Engagement, LIFT Fund Co-chair

Valeria Treves, new LIFT fund director said, “I am incredibly excited to join the LIFT Fund as its new Director.  Formed by an incredible set of partners in labor and philanthropy, this Fund has supported collaborations doing some of the most meaningful and groundbreaking work in worker organizing. It is an absolute honor to join these efforts.”

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