Platform Power to the People.

Beth Guteluis and Sanjay Pinto. November 2020.

This report focuses on how worker-centered digital tools and approaches to digital engagement fit within a larger set of strategies for shifting power in the economy, during the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers examine promising tools and approaches that are being used, based on two years of interviews and background research funded by the Ford Foundation, the Labor Innovations for the 21st Century (LIFT) Fund, and Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. They also offer takeaways that address the limitations and drawbacks of digital engagement.

New Platforms for Building Power: A Report on the LIFT Fund’s “Digital Strategies for Worker Organizing” Convening.

Beth Guteluis and Sanjay Pinto. March 2019.

This report summarizes the “Digital Strategies for Worker Organizing” convening in New York City in September 2018. Worker organizations and other allied groups came together from around the country to develop community, promote the shared practice, and strategize jointly on using digital tools and strategies for worker organizing. Over the two days, leaders surfaced challenges and successes. They shared ideas about resources that would enhance their efficacy with digital tools and strategies in the future, all captured in this report.

Digital’s Promise for Worker Organizing: A 2018 Update.

Kristinn Már Ársælsson and Joel Rogers. September 2018.

This report is focused on how workers and worker organizations are using digital technology and how its effectiveness might be improved. The report scans the various forms these strategies might take, making a case for how digital strategies are indeed useful in fostering intentional worker communities and that they facilitate outreach and affect the leadership development process. The report makes recommendations for under-recognized and underdeveloped as a field of practice in worker organizing.

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