Each year, the LIFT Fund opens up a one-time Letter of Interest (LOI) process where worker center-union partnerships may apply for funding. Funding is available to 501c3 and 501c4 worker centers that have formal or informal partnerships with an AFL-CIO affiliate, state federation or local labor council, and can demonstrate the mutual value of the partnership as well as the potential to strengthen the broader labor movement. Organizations must be able to demonstrate how their work falls within one or more of the below priority areas. Specifically, organizations must be able to concretely and clearly articulate the joint efforts of the project being proposed. We only consider project specific grants, not general support grants.

The LIFT Fund looks for opportunities to support strategic collaborations between worker centers and labor unions working towards innovative new models of building collective power. Strong LOIs articulate specific goals and strategies as well as clearly and succinctly describe the innovation being advanced. Specifically, we consider requests to:

  1. Create new and innovative organizational forms that more effectively support worker organizing through union and worker center partnerships, including through joint organizing, new membership and revenue generation models, training, and research
  2. Promote new forms of collective bargaining and/or other innovative strategies for building worker power and improving work conditions for large numbers of workers in a given sector or labor market
  3. Engage in worker based models of monitoring and enforcing workplace standards and labor agreements that build and expand the power of workers and worker organizations
  4. Develop and implement creative strategies to expand access to workforce development pipelines to quality jobs for traditionally marginalized workers while also building worker power in the labor market and movement

Once an LOI is submitted, it is reviewed by the LIFT Fund steering committee and full RFPs are requested from 15-20 organizations. The RFP process is by invitation only. LIFT is now accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for its 2016 grant cycle! The LOIs will be accepted until  COB on Wednesday, July 20, 2016.  Please read the full LOI instructions HERE.  If you have any questions please contact Valeria Treves, LIFT Fund director at valeria@theliftfund.org.

Please read the instructions for how to submit an LOI here.