The LIFT Fund awarded $510,000 to 14 organizations nationally. The awards were given to groups working at the local or state level and organizing immigrants, African Americans women, and rural workers. All grants were awarded to worker justice organizations with a demonstrated practice of collaboration with their labor union partner.

Chinese Progressive Association (Labor Partner: UNITE HERE Local 2)

Founded in 1972, organizes the low income and working class immigrant Chinese community in San Francisco, received a grant to partner with UNITE HERE Local 2 to create a new geographically based Waterfront/Financial District Worker Association.

CLEAN Carwash Campaign (Labor Partner: United Steelworkers Local 675)

Has organized over 200 workers at 25 shops in Southern California to be members of CWOC Local 675. Building on this success CLEAN founded the Carwash Worker Center which provides services, trainings, and support to union and nonunion carwash workers. The worker center received a grant to build a workforce development program that would create a career ladder by training workers in detailing and polishing—the highest paid jobs in the sector.

Community Voices Heard (Labor Partner: AFSCME District Council 37)

A member-led multi-racial organization, principally made up of women of color and low-income families in New York State that received a grant to partner with DC37, the Transport Workers’ Union, and other unions to end the city’s unpaid Work Experience Program and instead expand the use of paid Transition Jobs programs with training components that could provide union membership and protections.

Lynn Worker Center for Economic Justice (Labor Partner: North Shore Labor Center)

A community/labor partnership received a grant to support their “Just Cause” campaign to fight the at-will employment doctrine by establishing the right to not be fired except for good cause, even if you are not represented by a union.

Make the Road/NYCC (Labor Partner: RWDSU)

Builds the power of Latino and working class communities received a grant for their partnership with the RWDSU and NYCC to launch the WASH New York Campaign to organize workers in the car wash industry in New York City and surrounding areas.

National Guest Workers Alliance (Labor Partner: Ironworkers Union)

Work to ensure that guestworkers have the power to transform their workplaces received a grant to partner with the Ironworkers Union to build a worker association wherein members of the association will be members of the Ironworkers Union associate membership program.

NDLON (Labor Partner: LA County Federation of Labor)

Working to unify and strengthen its member organizations to develop leadership, mobilize, and organize day laborers received a grant for their collaboration with the Las Angeles Trade Tech and the LA county Federation of Labor to create a workforce development pipeline that offers workers an opportunity to overcome obstacles and improve their craft as construction workers.

NDWA/Brazilian Immigrant (Labor Partner: United Auto Workers Region 9A)

Represents the nation’s leading voice for dignity and fairness for millions of domestic workers nationally received a grant for their collaboration with the United Auto Workers and the Brazilian Immigrant Center to end the exclusion of domestic workers from workplace laws and develop mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and enforcement of the standards won in the state of Connecticut.

Organization for Black Struggle (Labor Partner: International Union of Painters and Allied Trades)

Founded in 1980 by activists, students, union organizers, and other community members to end the exploitation of the black working class received a grant for their partnership with the IUPAT’s District Council #59 to establish a worker center focused on job training and placement for 100 workers into DOL certified apprenticeship programs.

ROC-United, National (Labor Partner: UFCW Western States Council)

Organizes to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s restaurant workforce received a grant for their work with the UFCW Western States Council and RWDSU, to build capacity for investigative research, alliance building, and strategic campaign development for a coordinated food-supply-chain campaign.

Sunflower/Kansas People’s Action (Labor Partner: Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation and CWA)

Founded in 1991 to fight for racial and economic equity for all Kansans received a grant for their collaboration with the Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation to win new taxpayer policies given to corporations such as contracts, revenue bonds, and tax abatements in order to secure public accountability for use of public funds to create new jobs.

Vermont Worker Center (Labor Partner: Vermont State Labor Council)

Working to advance the human rights of the people of Vermont received a grant to advance their contract with the City of Burlington to enforce the city’s livable wage ordinance by offering a workers’ rights hotline. Through this project, they will bring union and non-unionized workers together to address worker injustices.

VOZ Worker Center (Labor Partner: Oregon AFL-CIO)

A worker-led organization that organizes and empowers immigrants and day laborers to build worker power received a grant to work with the Oregon AFL-CIO to enroll day laborers in apprenticeship programs in the building trades unions.

Warehouse Workers Resource Council (Labor Partner: UFCW Western States Council)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving working condidtions in the warehous indsutry in Southern California received a grant for their partnership with the UFCE Western States Council to pilot a Supply Chain Strategic Organizing Center.