The LIFT Fund awarded $560,000 to 12 organizations across the country. These organizations are focused on organizing immigrants, African Americans, women, and rural workers. All grants were awarded to non-profit organizations with a demonstrated practice of collaboration with other worker justice organizations, both traditional labor and otherwise.

Brandworkers (Labor Partner: UFCW Local 1500)

A non-profit organization that brings local food production workers together for good jobs and a sustainable food system, recieved a grant to partner with UFCW Local on a campaign that won workers rights and benefits at Amy’s Bread. For more on the Who Make’s Amy’s Bread camaign go here.

Casa Latina (Labor Partner: AFL-CIO)

Founded in 1994 to empower Seattle’s Latino immigrants through educational and economic opportunities, received a grant to work with the Seattle/King County Labor Council in maininting and expanding labor standards, with particular focus on the consturction trades. This partnership led the development of the Seattle Office of Labor Standards, which is a one-stop-shop for employers and workers for information about the city’s progressive labor laws.

Chicago Workers Collective (Labor Partner: Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 1 and Chicago Federation of Labor)

A non-profit organization that promotes full employment and equality for the low-wage earners through leadership and skills training, critical assistance and services, advocacy and collaborative action, received a grant to work with Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 1 to work on the joint Justice for Bakery Workers Campaign. The combination of union organizing together with labor rights education and community outreach was a highly effective combination to break the isolation that workers felt and help the workers feel broader support in their fight to unionize three different shops.

Fe y Justicia Worker Center

A Houston Tx. based worker center that creates a safe space for low-wage workers to organize to improve working conditions on the job, received a grant to partner with the Houston Gulf Coast Building Trades to develop a member-to-member training program aimed at improving concrete organizing skills, and leveraging worker power to demand the City of Houston officials and corporations develop higher standards for workers at two publicly funded building sites.

Immigrant Workers Center Collaborative (Labor Partner: Greater Boston Labor Council)

A Massachusetts based worker center collaborative, received a grant to partner with the Greater Boston Labor Council to focus on organizing immigrant sub-contracted workers into campaigns that expand labor standards and develop municipal policy campaigns for labor standards expansion and enforcement.

LA Black Worker Center

A worker center that develops organized power and authentic grassroots leadership among Black workers to reverse the disproportionate levels of unemployment and underemployment in the Los Angeles Black community, received a grant to partner with the Los Angeles building trades to execute participatory research and monitoring on public works projects.

LA Worker Center Federation (Labor Partner: LA County Federation of Labor)

Received a smaller planning grant to support the building of a strong worker center federation that will partner with the LA County Federation of Labor to collaborate on key projects impacting workers in low-wage jobs.

Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA)

Received a grant to push for enforcement of AB 241, the California Domestic Bill of Rights. With a focus on worker education, MUA focused on the development of Know Your Rights Curriculum and setting up trainings throughout the state.

NJ Communities United

A new and growing progressive grassroots community organization committed to building powerfor low and modeate income people, recieved a grant to build resident committees that illustrate and elevate the interconnectedness of community and labor issues.

OLÉ’s (Labor Partner: American Federation of Teachers)

A non-profit who uses grassroots organizing to strengthen New Mexico’s communities by winning economic reform, received a grant to partner with the American Federation of Teachers on a joint organizing campaign to win collective bargaining agreements for the 5,000 child development center-based early educators in the state.

Retail Action Project

A member-based organization with the mission of building worker power, elevating industry standards, and promoting family-sustaining jobsm received a grant to support its Just Hours camapaign, a collaborative effort to address the chronic cycle of underemployment in retail through grassroots worker-community action and strong local policies to restore a fair workweek.

Warehouse Workers for Justice

A new organization founded to win justice for warehouse and logistics workers in Illinois, received a grant to support the Retail Supply Chain Accountability Project, an effort to win adoption of Responsible Contractor Policies from major retailers – starting with Walmart – that would improve job quality and guarantee worker rights, including workplace freedom of association, in retail warehouses.