The LIFT Fund awarded $475,000 to 12 organizations across the country. The organizations were funded to work at the local or state level to organize African Americans, women, and rural workers. All grants were awarded to organizations doing innovative and cutting edge work to advance worker justice as part of a community/labor partnership.

Centro de los Derechos Del Migrante, Inc./CDM (Labor Partner: AFT)

Founded in 2005, CDM is a transnational migrant workers’ rights organization based in Mexico driven to improve the conditions of low-wage workers in the United States, received a grant for their partnership with the AFT to launch Authentic Voices, a cross sector worker committee to elevate the experiences of workers for advocacy efforts. Established in Maryland, advocacy efforts focused on shifting policy related to H2A and H2B visas in order to increase worker protections.

CLEAN Carwash Initiative (Labor Partner: United Steelworkers)

Has organized over 200 workers at 25 shops in Southern California. CLEAN received a grant for their partnership with St. John’s Well Child and Family Center to create a union-worker center hybrid that would provide community health access to worker center members.

National Domestic Workers Alliance

Represents the nation’s leading voice for dignity and fairness for the 2.5 million domestic workers in the U.S., received a grant for their collaboration with organized labor in order to build power to win the domestic workers bill of rights in six key states.

NDLON (Labor Partner: AFL-CIO)

Working to unify and strengthen its member organizations to develop leadership, mobilize, and organize day laborers received a grant for their efforts to expand Worker Center-Labor partnerships in order to strenthen existing collaborations with LIUNA and AFL-CIO so that together, they will increase the capacity and power to advance workers’ rights policies.

New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (Labor Partner: Southeast Laborers’ District Council Laborers International Union)

Organizes day laborers, guestworkers, and structurally unemployed workers to advance a racial and economic justice agenda and build a movement for dignity and rights. They received a grant for their partnership with the Southeast Laborers’ District Council Laborers International Union in order to win employment rights for New Orleans redevelopment efforts, and shift the construction industry from temporary day labor work to permanent and gainful employment.

New York Taxi Workers Alliance (Labor Partner: AFL-CIO)

Fights for the rights of taxi drivers to work with justice, rights, respect, and dignity. They received a grant for their work with the AFL-CIO to expand organizational capacity, membership, and dues base in Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA. Additionally, they will work to consolidate recent wins in New York City in order to establish collective bargaining rights through the administration of a Health and Disability Fund.

Somos Un Pueblo Unido (Labor Partner: Northern New Mexico Labor Council)

Founded in 1995 in order to protect and expand immigrants’ rights in New Mexico. They have a dues-paying membership base of over 2,000 people and in early 2012 established the United Workers Center of New Mexico. They were awarded a grant for their collaborations with local unions to educate non-union low wage workers of their rights, create mechanisms for employer accountability and work with CLC members.

United Worker Congress (Labor Partner: Solidarity Center)

A collaboration of nine sectors of worker centers organizing workers who are excluded from labor law protection and collective bargaining. The UWC received grant support for the development of a transnational excluded worker organizing strategy development including a leadership exchange with worker labor leaders in India.

Vermont Worker Center (Labor Partner: AFT and AFSCME)

Working to advance the human rights of the people of Vermont received a grant to advance their contract with the City of Burlington to enforce the city’s livable wage ordinance by offering a workers’ rights hotline. They received a grant for their Put People First campaign, a collaboration with the AFT and AFSCME to organize 10,000 new early childcare providers and homecare workers in Vermont.

Voces de la Frontera (Labor Partner: United Steelworkers)

Founded in 2001 as a grassroots organization of immigrant and low-wage workers, Voces has built a strong base in Southeastern Wisconsin, where 80% of the state’s Latinos reside. Voces received a grant for their work with the United Steel Workers and the AFL-CIO to win a union at Palermo’s Pizza that would allow members to bargain collectively with their employer and belong to Voces Worker Center simultaneously.

Workers Defense Project (Labor Partner: LIUNA)

A membership based organization galvanizing low-income workers to achieve fair employment through education, direct services, organizing, and strategic partnerships. The WDP received a grant for their work with unions, faith, worker centers, and community groups that form the “Build a Better Texas Coalition”, to craft public policy that protects construction workers and improves working conditions.