Each year, the LIFT Fund hosts a convening of our grantees in order to sharing learnings, building relationships, and engage in collective strategy development. In addition to providing grants to innovative projects, the LIFT Fund focuses on building a knowledge base to ensure that the local innovations receive national attention and that there is an opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and challenges. Below are examples of the types of convenings we have hosted so far.

April, 2013 – Austin, TX

On April 3, 2013 LIFT Fund brought together 50 grantees, labor partners, and philanthropic interests for a day long retreat focused on deepening a shared sense of collaboration and innovation. The convening was anchored by two panel discussions. The first panel focused on the changing economy and the impacts of workers with particular attention paid to women workers and workers in low-wage jobs.
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September, 2014 – Oakland, CA

In September, 2014, LIFT Fund held a two-day convening for labor partners, philanthropists, and grantees to discuss worker-led labor enforcement strategies. The convening focused on how to utilize a Co-production strategy that brings workers, worker centers, unions, state enforcement, and high-road businesses together to enforce labor protection at the local, state, and federal level. The Co-production strategy has been successful in securing worker justice in key areas across the country and this convening was focused on sharing best practices of winning models amongst LIFT Fund grantees and advisors in order to take the practice to scale.
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